YRTV is a steaming TV channel featured on Roku and Fire streaming services.

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Roku TV

Welcome To The TV Channel Created For You!


Your TV was created for you the viewer. We work hard to provide you with the content you want to watch. If you want to watch content on a specific topic, drop us an email and we will try our best to make it available.


Are you a content creator? Why not air your content on Your TV. Roku and Amazon Fire pays for Your TV for our

viewer ship and we pay you through our generous revenue sharing program. Air your content on Your TV and make more money.


Your TV is targeting to be on your Smart TV the first quarter of this year. We will start airing on Roku and Amazon Fire. This would give us a potential monthly audience of over 440,000,000 viewers. Content viewers use both TVs and computers. So why miss out on the money from TV viewers? Make a passive income from both. Our plans are to add Apple TV, Goggle Chromecast and more as soon as possible.


Your TV is a TV channel created for both viewers and creators. We are taking suggestions from viewers on the content they want to watch and then finding creators that deliver the content people are looking for. Your TV is television created for the viewer by the creators.


All we would need from you is permission to feature and air your videos on the channel and the video files plus we hope that we can start to cross promote the Roku and Amazon Fire Channels on your YouTube Channel and promote your YouTube Channel on Your TV. We’ll take care of the rest .


If this sounds like something you might be interested in let us know and we can talk further.



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