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We've been serving our customers since 1992, Chipz and Dentz Away has been the best paint and body shop in League City. Our experienced team, expert customer service, and specialized paintless dent repair process will keep costs down, and get your ride back on the road looking brand new in no time!



Experienced Body Shop


If you ask anybody where to go for body work in League City, they’ll tell you Chipz and Dentz Away. Since 1992, we’ve helped our customers get their cars back on the road and looking brand new after an accident.

We know that when your vehicle is important to you, so when it gets damaged in a big collision or fender bender, or dented by a stray shopping cart, you want it back to looking brand new. That’s exactly what we do, and always at a fair price.


Don’t just take our word for it - you can read the reviews of our wide range of work and services provided at our locally-owned body shop right here in League City. We’d love to hear your comments, and see your reviews & pictures too, so come visit us on our Facebook page.



Paintless Dent Repair


What separates Chipz and Dentz Away from any other shop in the League City-Kemah area is our paintless dent repair. So, what is paintless dent repair?

Our unique repair process approaches the damaged area from the inside, allowing us to fix your dent without doing even more damage to your vehicle. We are experts, and do as much as we can without major panel replacement. We can often remove dents without having to spray, and we’re able to repair a lot of small dings and scratches without having to repaint whole sections of your car.


All of this will expedite the repair process, and keep your costs down dramatically. So, before you consider a Do-It-Yourself option - which are often more complicated and time-consuming than you may think - come to Chipz and Dentz Away in League City for a thorough exam and analysis of your vehicle, and a proper recommendation from the experts.



Experienced, Expert Body Shop Team


Our expert body work services, and paintless dent repair skills have been refined over decades, right here in League City.

We focus on repairing your car without major panel replacement, and can often remove dents without having to spray, and repair small dings without repainting entire sections of your car. This type of expert service and attention to detail will get your car back on the road as quickly as possible.


We don’t just do modern vehicles - we also work on classic and antique cars. We can mix quality paint to match the VIN number and paint code on your car, to ensure perfect consistency. Make sure to choose carefully when selecting an auto body shop for your antique car. Our highly trained staff can work on the most vintage of vehicles, no matter how old the make or model.


Cost Efficient — Insurance Friendly


We are often able to do a repair for less than your insurance deductible, but if it’s a major repair, we’ll work directly with your insurance company so you don’t have to waste your time haggling and negotiating.

We are fully insured, and we only use top-quality factory paints. Our process of paintless dent repair and speedy, expert service can help keep your costs down by working from one access point, and avoiding costly, large-scale modifications.


Dents and scrapes in your car are not only unsightly; they can devalue your asset. Don’t risk the long term health and life of your car to a few small dents. Bring it in to Chipz and Dentz Away, and let us get rid of them for good while helping you keep money in your wallet.


Auto Leather Repair


Refinishing or restoring your car or truck shouldn’t stop at the exterior; Chipz and Dentz Away can also provide instant and significant benefits to your vehicle's interior.

In the long term, fixing torn or missing leather, and maintaining your vehicle’s interior can significantly increase the re-sale value of your car. Let Chipz and Dentz Away expertly repair damage so you can enjoy your beautiful interior. Our body shop staff offers experienced and affordable automotive leather repair services for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and even Recreational Vehicles.


The life of an RV is not an easy one, especially for the interior. If you and your family have taken your RV to the limits, and been particularly tough on its interior, then bring it to us for expert leather repair service. You don’t have to suffer from the embarrassment of a torn up interior! Drop by our body shop, and learn more about our expert, automotive leather repair services.


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At Chipz and Dentz Away, our experienced body work team takes care of your vehicle, while our expert customer service staff takes care of YOU. We understand how important your vehicle is to your happiness and livelihood, and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy and on the road.


Joey worked on my SC 300 Lexus Coupe and the finished results were amazing. The touch up paint and repair to my bumper came out perfectly. He also used a new product that refinished my leather seats and made the look new again. This shop will always get my business.


Clarence D.


I took my truck to Chips and Dentz Away because I hit a [deer that] shattered my left front headlight, bent the left front fender, pushed the bumper down, and shifted my hood. It also destroyed the bracket which holds the headlight assembly. I dropped the vehicle off on Monday and got it back on Thursday. Joey had also arranged for my loaner to be waiting. My truck looks brand new again.


David V.


Joey did an amazing job repairing & painting my front bumper in a timely manner & at an affordable rate!!! He went above & beyond my expectations & was so friendly. I would recommend him to anyone needing any type of auto body work.


Cynthia A.





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